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Secure, fast application delivery
as a service

Instart Logic has built a new intelligent cloud-client platform delivered as a service that brings cloud and web application delivery into the modern era. The service replaces the use of a content delivery network and enables secure, fast delivery of high-fidelity and immersive applications to users across all device types — including laptops, smartphones and wearables — and networks.

Additionally, the service also provides a much more relevant and performant solution for enterprises looking to accelerate their use of cloud-based SaaS applications, replacing the use of outdated WAN optimization controllers (WOCs) that are no longer relevant as users and their applications leave the confines of enterprise wide area networks (WANs).

Web application streaming enabled on a unique cloud-client
services platform

Using our unique cloud-client services platform that extends the reach of our service to the end user's browser, we have enabled a service offering called web application streaming that is able to intelligently stream web sites and cloud applications to standard web browsers. This new approach allows sending the most important information to the browser first for fast initial display, while bringing down the remainder of the information in the background for full fidelity display moments later.

It’s delivered as a monthly service with a simple integration process that only requires changing a few DNS entries with no code or software changes on your backend, and it's totally transparent to end users.


True Fidelity Image Streaming

Instead of sacrificing image quality for quicker page loads, enable both brilliant images and fast performance by streaming the highest priority image information first for quick initial display, followed immediately by the full fidelity display.

Learn how Image Streaming works Learn how Image Streaming works

Dynamic HTML Streaming

Don’t leave users waiting while dynamic HTML is generated and delivered. Automatically send non-personalized portions of the application code from the closest Instart Logic server so the user can start experiencing the web radically faster.

See how HTML streaming makes everything faster Learn how HTML Streaming works

Flash Application Streaming

Enable stunning visuals and fast load times for Flash games and applications. Based on a detailed understanding of Flash, web application streaming radically reduces the time before users can engage, while upholding the high interactivity users expect.

Discover the secret to fast load times for heavy Flash games Learn how Flash Streaming works

Global Network Accelerator

Accelerate every network segment of the Internet, not just the middle mile. Smart adaptive network acceleration ensures that highly dynamic web applications are blasted through network bottlenecks all the way to the browser.

Here's how we accelerate dynamic web apps and sites Learn how GNA works

PCI Level 1 Certified Acceleration

Secure and accelerate sensitive credit card transactions and enable blazing performance from initial product views to final checkout with a dedicated, isolated PCI Level 1 certified service built and run for our eCommerce, enterprise, and financal customers.

Here's how we secure eCommerce sites Learn about our PCI-compliant acceleration

Advanced DDoS Protection

Strong globally-distributed protection against both single-source and distributed denial of service (DoS & DDoS) attacks with a next-generation anycast network, massive scale, and robust blocking controls.

Here's how we secure eCommerce sites Learn about how we protect against DDoS attacks

On-Demand Image Resizing

Enable responsive performance using our on-demand image resizing service which enables a perfectly sized image delivered just in time for every screen — from desktop to mobile, and everything in between.

Here's how we can resize your images on demand Learn about how we can resize your images on demand

Real-time Analytics

Instead of waiting hours or days to understand end-user activity, analytics and performance, get real-time visibility through an easy-to-use customer portal. Easily view global and country level data with interactive global maps.

Hassle-Free Integration

Within minutes, deliver brilliant, radically faster web experiences by simply making a few DNS updates. There is no hardware to deploy, no software to install, and no code changes to make, and it’s totally transparent to end-users.

Scale and Offload Infrastructure

Offload backend web-serving infrastructure to our globally deployed streaming network. Add capacity on demand. Handle planned growth, traffic spikes and surges and scale instantly — all without touching backend web infrastructure.

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