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Platform Overview

The world’s first software-defined application delivery service

Overview diagram of the Instart Logic Software-defined Web Application Delivery (SDAD) service

A radical new approach to application delivery

Instart Logic provides the first cloud application delivery service in the world to extend beyond the limited backend-only cloud architectures of the past with an innovative, intelligent client-cloud platform delivered as a service. We call this new approach Software-defined Application Delivery since it’s based on a software-defined architecture rather than on hardware and network scale.

This unique client-cloud platform extends the cloud into the application. Instart Logic has created a platform that reaches from the cloud all the way to the end user’s device by coupling application intelligence in the cloud with unparalleled control in the end user’s browser using web application virtualization technology. This enables radical new approaches to application delivery, analytics, security, and more.

The service requires no code changes or SDKs to integrate and works for all existing browsers without any plug-ins or other add-ons. It’s totally transparent to users and the backend infrastructure and requires only simple DNS changes to use.

Software Intelligence in the Cloud

The Instart Logic cloud hosts distributed software that optimizes application delivery from the origin web server across the Internet, through the last mile network and to the end user’s device. It does this by transparently analyzing the component parts of the applications such as its images and code.

Using this information, it can apply a range of computer science-derived algorithms to insure to stream application components and automatically adapt components for each user’s specific device, browser and network conditions.

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Web application virtualization with a transparent, intelligent client

The client portion of the Instart Logic software-defined application delivery service is based on a novel new technology we invented — web application virtualization. This allows our service to extend itself transparently into the end users browser and form the active client portion of our dual sided platform. This architecture allows the service to reach beyond the edge of the wired internet — where traditional systems stop — all the way into end users’ browsers on the other side of last mile wireless networks.

Web application virtualization is enabled by a thin virtualization layer we developed, Nanovisor.js. It is written entirely in standard JavaScript code and is transparently injected into standard web browsers without any end user intervention, notification, or involvement in the process.

This thin virtualization layer sits between the browser APIs and the web site or web application. Because of its complete virtualization of browser APIs and completely transparent design, it requires no code changes to use.

Once in place, this intelligent client transparently virtualizes a web application and is then able to monitor and assemble the streamed web application within the user’s browser based on information and instructions from the cloud.

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Delivered as an easy-to-adopt and globally-distributed cloud service

This powerful platform is delivered as a simple to use and easy-to-adopt globally deployed cloud service. With no software to install and no code changes to make, you can be up and running with our service in as little as 15 minutes by making a few simple changes to your DNS records.

In addition to providing powerful new levels of web performance, the service provides for a full replacement of an existing content delivery network (CDN) with a globally distributed cloud service that offloads and protects backend infrastructure, and provides a full complement of analytics and management services.

The service also provides a much more relevant and performant solution for enterprises looking to accelerate their use of cloud-based SaaS applications, replacing the use of outdated WAN optimization controllers (WOCs) that are no longer relevant as users as their applications leave the confines of enterprise wide area networks (WANs).

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