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Software-Defined Application Delivery by Instart Logic

Technology that's in a different league of performance when compared to CDNs

Software-Defined Application Delivery from Instart Logic

“Content delivery networks are stuck in the past. The future of application delivery is being powered by software.” — Manav Mital, Founder and CEO, Instart Logic

Washington Post
Arun Rajan, CTO of One Kings Lane

Instart Logic’s technology... gives us a huge boost in delivering consistently superior experiences to our customers across platforms, anywhere in the world.

Arun Rajan, CTO, One Kings Lane
Faster web experience with Instart Logic's application-intelligent web and cloud delivery service

Your web apps are bigger and more interactive.

Bad news: Your users are being forced to wait — particularly when accessing your website or web app over congested wireless networks.

Great news: You now can deliver a brilliant and radically faster web experience. Here's how...

Instart Logic vs. Content Delivery Network (CDN)

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Instart Logic vs. Front End Optimization (FEO)

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Curious to find out how your web performance on Instart Logic stacks up against your current provider?

Side-by-side comparison of a browser making requests to a retail e-commerce website; one one side, delivered via Instart Logic's Cloud Application Delivery service with SmartVision image analysis technology; on the other, served through a legacy CDN.

Instart Logic @InstartLogic

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RT @writererinraub: 5 steps to better performance from your travel website:… #hotelprofs #hotelmarketing via @tnooz @@InstartLogic
RT @edocr: #Bonfaire gets High-Resolution Imagery and Superior Web Application Performance from @InstartLogic

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